Friday, 16 March 2018

Have Umbrella, Will Unicycle ...

The Sepia Saturday prompt this week features umbrellas, children, a policeman and a dark night. It's still quite warm and summery here in Aus, with 33° C expected today and we haven't had any significant rain for several weeks. This is really the only photo I can think of that fits the bill, vaguely at least. Our son Kim who was then aged about 12 was showing off his unicycling skills in our driveway, back in the mid 1990s, and wrote this sweet poem to go with this photo that I took of him. I had developed it myself after converting our windowless internal ensuite into a makeshift darkroom. I eventually stopped using the ensuite for developing, but the chemical odours lingered for a long time afterwards and must have mystified the buyers of the house some years later.

He's not much inclined to unicycle some 20 years later, but no doubt he still can. After all it's just like riding a bike, I believe! One of the children's old unicyles is rusting away in our shed while another is kept up at our beach house and our teacher daughter occasionally gives her young school students a demonstration.

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