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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Memorial Weekend

My father-in-law Robert Featherston passed away on 16 February 1992 and my own father Ian Cruickshank died eight years and one day later, on 17 February 2000. Coincidentally my father was eight years younger than my father-in-law, so Bob was 74, Dad was 75 years old when they died. It's quite a long time ago and not something I often think about, but there it is. I've blogged about both of them numerous times previously, herehere and here in relation to my Dad, and herehere and here in relation to Bob for example, so I'm not going to do any more than post a couple more photos of them that are vaguely on theme with our Sepia Saturday prompt photo this week, which shows a number of young swimmers standing on or hanging off a diving tower at a Brisbane pool.
There is a similar tower at the Eastern Beach swimming enclosure at Geelong, which also features in my last link, entitled Swimmers with Arms Folded. I don't have many photos of either Bob or Ian clad in their swimming costumes, other than the one of Bob in that post, but here he is relaxing in a river somewhere in 1947.

And here is my tall slim Dad strolling along a sandy beach in the 1960s:

        RIP Bob and Ian. We'll raise a glass to them both.

Now here are a couple of family snaps of children pretending to be on diving towers, which seems to have been a popular thing to do in our back yard when the paddling pool came out on a warm summer's day. I'm standing with a friend in the first photo and then apparently defying gravity in a tussle with my brother in the second one.

And one more of my brother and sister up a different kind of ladder, the slippery dip at our local playground. Hopefully they did not try to jump off! This was in Canberra in the 1960s. Now we live in Victoria, where slippery dips are rather less imaginatively known as slides, but I'm doing my best to teach my grandchildren the 'correct' term.šŸ˜€

                      Anyone fancy a slippery dip?

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  1. All very good matches for the themes. I like the casual happy quality of your two dad photos. The slippery dip is a new name for what I call a slide. Sadly the big playground apparatus I enjoyed climbing on as a kid are gone now, replaced with tame equipment that lacks any element of adventure or excitement. It's the result of liability issues and efforts to make children's parks more accessible to handicapped.

  2. I'd never heard a slide called a "slippery dip" but when you think of it, that's what it is! I like it! :)

  3. Good memories of your two dads and childhood adventures. The one of you and your friend on the stepladder is a classic and perfectly matches the theme.

  4. I am sure I have a picture of my sister standing on a short ladder or step stool - can't remember which - and posed to dive into our kiddie pool, but I could not put my hands on that picture for this week's prompt. Your ladder was much taller than the one my sister used, but there is a shared joy in pretending to be a high diver.

  5. No "slippery dips" here either--just "slides."