Friday, 13 April 2018

What's in that wheelbarrow?

This week's Sepia Saturday prompt reminds me of the old song about Molly Malone, who "wheeled her wheelbarrow, through streets broad and narrow, crying cockles and mussels, alive alive O! " Other Sepians may very well have already referred to this, and I really don't have anything comparable, but I did find a few wheelbarrows wandering through family albums old and new.

This first photo shows my brother and sister in the garden in the early 1960s. It looks like that's a load of leaves that my sister is perching on. Our Dad was a very keen gardener.

Fast forward about twenty years and above  you see our older son on Christmas Day with the wheel barrow and a load of other gifts he had received for Christmas. In the next photo he's trying it out in the garden with his Dad.

It's still popular a bit later, although again there's nothing actually in it. It was made of solid pine and I wish we still had it for visiting grandchildren, but of course you can't keep everything.

Below are our English grandchildren recently with their Dad's wheelbarrow, supposedly looking for worms, but it was at Easter time and I think an egg hunt may have also been happening in the back garden at the time.

And where do old wheelbarrows go when they are retired? They still have their uses, as you can see below.

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