Saturday, 10 February 2018

Friends for life

This week's Sepia Saturday image shows a married couple talking over a cup of tea.  

I don't have anything similar really, but I do quite like this snap of my mother Jean and her good friend Colleen sitting together in front of the fireplace. Jean is knitting and Colleen is also doing some sort of handwork, perhaps sewing. They were both aged about 20. The photo is rather out of focus, possibly because whoever took it didn't have flash on their camera, but that doesn't detract from the relaxed and companiable atmosphere that is shown to exist between these two ladies, and nor did it deter Jean from including it in her album.

Colleen and Jean met as college students in Auckland New Zealand in the 1940s and remained friends for the rest of their lives, despite Jean subsequently moving to Australia. They both married and had three children. Coincidentally both ladies died in 2014 within a few months of one another, aged 87. 
To finish, here is a happy photograph of three ladies around Jean's dining table 60 years later in 2006, celebrating her 80th birthday. Colleen is on the left and the lady in the middle is Betty, a friend of Jean ever since school days. Cups of tea and cake all round!

RIP Colleen and Jean.
 Their friend Betty is still going strong.


Postcardy said...

That's a nice cozy setting for knitting in the old photo.

Kristin said...

That first photo would be a good writing prompt. It does look cozy. And so nice that they reminded friends until the end.

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

Such a long friendship. They looked terrific on their 80th birthdays. I would have guessed them to be ten years younger at least. I think I'll take up knitting.

Barbara Rogers said...

Wonderful to see that your mom and her friend stayed in touch, and got to see her old friend for a party. Tea and fun!