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Friday, 7 February 2014

Oh dear, no musicians to be found in this family, but there might have been ...

This week's theme photograph shows a gentleman playing the piano while a lady watches on, perhaps singing to the music. I've searched through both my mother's albums and my own and sad to say I haven't come across any photographs of people gathered around the piano, or even playing any kind of instrument. Sad to say, we appear to be a most unmusical family,  and although we enjoy listening, we have no musical talent! The photograph below is the only one I can find that features any kind of musical instrument at all. It's of the Christchurch City Highland Pipe Band, circa 1945, and my mother's then boyfriend Bruce Clarke is playing and marching in the front row, second from right.  I think his being a piper installed in Mum a love for all things Scottish. Her maternal grandfather Charles Forbes was a Scot from Glenmuick, Aberdeenshire and her great grandparents on her mother's mother's side Charles Young and Jane Paterson were also from the same area, although she never knew them. Mum could well be in the stands watching the band, but I can't identify her. The photo was professionally taken, by Green & Hahn.

Here are Bruce and Jean together at the Teachers College Freshers Ball in 1945.

The following year Bruce was replaced by Allan, and the story goes that on one occasion one beau was being farewelled out the back door while another was ushered in at the front.  However in 1949 Jean met Ian at a tennis dance, he swept her off her feet and that was it.

I only have three other photographs that feature a piano of any kind. The first two are of a piano shaped cake that I made for one of our daughters for her ninth birthday party, which she celebrated with a ten pin bowling party. I think she was having Suzuki music lessons at the time, but wasn't inspired to continue for long. It was an easy cake to make! That's the stool in front, just in case you were wondering, and although it looks a bit like she is sucking the bowling pin she was given by the centre, she is in fact blowing out the candles. Not sepia, and nor are they the greatest of shots I'm afraid, but they do feature a piano of sorts!

The last photograph was taken on New Years Eve 1999 at a family gathering in the Herefordshire home of my husband's English grandmother Doris Olds. Doris was 96 at the time and lived to see her 101st birthday. She certainly enjoyed our visit and the NYE celebration, complete with tiaras, blowers and even a sparkly vest or two.  In the background sits the family piano, covered with Christmas cards and photographs. I've never seen anyone actually playing it, and the same goes for one in my mother-in-law's home, but perhaps someone did in the past.
Claire and Laura with Great Grandma Doris and Great Aunty Mags, partying like it's 1999!

Post script:
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