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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Happy travellers beginning their journey together

I didn't think I had any family photographs showing suitcases at all, but when searching for a photo to suit next week's topic, I came across this one of my parents Jean and Ian on their honeymoon in April 1950. They spent it in Nelson in the north of the South Island, NZ.  Not surprisingly, they look very happy.

  Jean and Ian did many trips over the years and Jean was always a great packer, neatly rolling up items and managing to fit an amazing amount of well-chosen mix-and-match stylish outfits plus numerous pairs of shoes and accessories into a very small bag whenever she travelled. She now resides in a nursing home and future travelling is unlikely. Unfortunately I can't claim to have inherited her packing skills, with my packing style being much less meticulous and a lot more random.

 They were together for almost 50 years, until Ian passed away in February 2000 after a short illness, just a couple of months before their golden wedding anniversary date. Jean had been looking forward to celebrating the event and had even bought herself a gold coloured dress in readiness, but sadly it was not to be. It's great to have photos of them as a young couple, just married and with their lives ahead of them.

Jean and Ian Cruickshank, Nelson 1950

For other travelling photographs, just do as the man says below, pack up your troubles
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 7 February 2014 Update:
 Two more photos found, showing yours truly off to primary school in 1960 and then high school in 1965, with my school bag, which looks basically like a smaller version of the cases Jean and Ian used on their honeymoon. No backpacks back then, although my brother looks to have something over his shoulder, and was happily heading for his first day of school, at the beginning of another long journey really.

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