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Saturday, 2 September 2017

Happy Father's Day!

We're away on holiday in England at present but back home in Australia it's Father's Day today, so here are a few favourite old photos of my Dad that I just happen to have access to online.

New father

Granddad, Dad and daughter, March 1953.

Dad with daughter Louisa

With one of his granddaughters

                 And one of his grandsons

               Happy Father's Day Dad,
           and thanks, for all you did for us!
             I know you would have loved all                     your great grandchildren too.                                       Six at last count.

            Ian Alfred Murray Cruickshank
            5 Aug 1924 - 17 February 2000

Postscript: Not to be entirely at odds with this week's theme, I just found this relatively recent photo of a husband, father, grandfather and a penny farthing :

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