Saturday, 15 April 2017

Big Sister, Little Brother

This week the Sepia Saturday prompt shows a couple of unknown children photographed in light and shade. We don't know whether or not they were brother and sister, but it seems probable, and on that basis I've put together the following collage. The main photo taken by their mother Claire shows two of our grandchildren, Isabelle and Otis, flanked by photographs from earlier generations on their mother's side of the family. Their mother, grandmother, grandfather, one maternal great grandfather, and both maternal great grandmothers all came from families in which the first born child was a daughter, followed by a son.

The smaller photos from left to right and top to bottom show the children's great great Aunty Pat and her younger brother Ken; great grandmother Jean (younger sister of Pat and Ken) and their younger brother Derek; great great Aunty Pat and youngest brother Peter (16 years' difference between these two); great grandfather Ian and his big sister Valarie; great grandmother Mary and her younger brother Cyril;  grandfather Roger and big sister Ann; grandmother Jo and little brother Guy; mother Claire and little brother Kim. The children's father is also the little brother to a big sister but I don't have a photo of them as children.

 Then I came across this additional photograph, which is not of siblings but merits inclusion because it seems to match the prompt in shade and expression to some degree. It shows yours truly looking up at a lady called Jocelyn Ward, who was my mother Jean's very dear friend from their days in teachers' college together and was one of her bridesmaids. Jocelyn came to visit us in Australia at least once.  She did not marry and had no children of her own, but was always very good to us and I remember her fondly. She wasn't able to come to our wedding but we met up with her in Christchurch NZ on our honeymoon afterwards. Sadly Jocelyn passed away a few years later in 1981 in her early fifties, suffering I believe from multiple sclerosis.

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Finally, because it's Easter this weekend, here's a page from my baby book, including a paper serviette that must have been at my grandparents' Easter table. My name is written inside but at just four and a half months old I doubt that I used it! 

  Happy Easter to all who celebrate!


Barbara Rogers said...

What an interesting collage! And Happy Easter to you too!

Crissouli said...

Lovely, Happy Easter!

tony said...

Yes ,your gaze very much matches the prompt photo.
A lovely set of images.
Have A Great Easter.Best Wishes , Tony.

La Nightingail said...

A fine collection of brothers and sisters through the ages, and how lucky you are to have them! And Happy Easter to you and yours, too! :)

Karen S. said...

Happy Easter to you and your family, lovely post of great memories and new ones in the making. Beautiful photos and family!

Helen Killeen Bauch McHargue said...

The photo of you and Jocelyn is lovely. Childless myself I've always felt I could offer the nieces, nephews and now great and great,great nieces and nephews another relationship with an adult free of the parental angst. I was lucky enough to have a few childless aunts myself who were the ones who taught me to knit, play certain card games etc. How lucky are you to have that baby book. Happy Easter to you too.

Crissouli said...


Thank you, Chris

Jo Featherston said...

That's great, thanks Chris!