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Friday, 19 February 2016

Getting ready to dance

I posted a photo of our daughter Claire admiring her reflection in the mirror before a school formal in an earlier blog here, and a photo of my elocution teacher Yetty Landau with her beloved dog Sandy in another blog post here, so I was struggling to think of anything else that was vaguely relevant to this week's Sepia Saturday prompt. The pineapple on the makeup bench prompted me to search for photos of family visits to the Big Pineapple in Nambour Queensland but to no avail. Just as I was about to pass on this week's Sepia Saturday prompt, I came across these two photographs from December 1992, showing Claire and her fellow dance students getting ready for their annual jazz and classical dance concert. I don't remember what song it was that required this 60s style teased beehive hairstyle, but it definitely gave Claire a look of maturity well beyond her 12 years.

 I have included a small picture of the group in performance, and  I think this jazz ballet number had something to do with a hairdressing salon. Perhaps Claire will remember. It must have been first up in the show, as I know that beehive had to be rapidly brushed out for the remainder of the dance programme. We always enjoyed the performances, which were very professionally choreographed, produced and directed by the teacher Jill McHugh, who owned the Kuring-gai School of Dance and taught students jazz and modern dance as well as classical ballet. 

To finish, here is an entertaining clip of one of my favourite singers that you might enjoy - to tell you what it's about would spoil the surprise, but trust me, it is relevant to this week's prompt!

For more reflections on the prompt photograph above, showing Billie Holiday and her canine friend Mister, just take a look in the mirror that is Sepia Saturday 318.

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