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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Meeting the Neighbours Pt 1 - A post for Trove Tuesday

This blog was previously entitled  "Turner Street Topics", and in light of that I thought it might be interesting to search Trove for snippets about past residents of the street in which I've lived for the past seven years.

Here is the first instalment:

The following obituary appeared in the Argus of 14 February 1941, or Mr William Wright Senior, who was living at #24 Turner St at the time of his death.  I haven't been inside #24 Turner St, but I imagine Mr Senior may well have maintained quite an extensive cellar either in or under his house, being in the wine business and having developed great expertise in judging of wine quality.  Indeed, the web site of the Royal Agricultural Show of Victoria in its history section describes him as legendary, and says that "he never made a mistake".

Here's another article, this time from the Western Mail, WA. His fame as a wine judge was clearly known across the country.

                     William Wright Senior: Definitely a noteworthy past resident of Turner St Malvern East.  He and his wife Adelaide had lived at #24 since at least 1924, according to the Electoral rolls, and prior to that had been living in the area of Malvern East since at least 1903.
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