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Friday, 16 October 2015

1996 In Profile

The prompt for Sepia Saturday #301 is a lovely photograph of 4 very sweet young children, possibly with their father, who appear to be transfixed by something to their right which we cannot see. Looking through my collections of old family photographs unfortunately did not reveal any similar profile photographs, so instead here are a few shots that I took in 1996 when I was taking a photography course and did some of my own developing and printing in the home darkroom that I created in our ensuite bathroom. The quality of the printing is not great, but it has at least survived almost 20 years. Time marches on!

The first two photographs were taken at a local Carols by Candlelight evening, and show our younger daughter putting her heart and soul into the singing, with her grandma sitting beside her, out of focus. The bright lights are the candles in their cardboard holders.

Next are three shots showing our younger son, his older sister and their father engaged in watching various sporting events. Back in those days we seemed to spend the majority of our weekends ferrying children to soccer, baseball, softball, hockey or tennis matches.


We did manage to get away occasionally, usually over the summer school holidays, and here are a couple of photographs of our four at the beach, although perhaps this was a cooler day, as they don't really look like they are about to race each other to the waves.

That's my contribution for this week. Eyes right for more blogs related to Sepia Saturday #301.


  1. Your photos of your daughter are lovely. Developing and printing yourself must have been satisfying.
    You have a family with great looking profiles.

  2. All of them have an appeal of a different kind, but the carol singing ones are spot on - wonderful lighting.

  3. All facing left, except one...great shots of singing carols -- the lights make it more seasonal!

    1. I could say my better half looks good from either side ...

  4. Our neighbour had an ensuite bathroom that was only used for storage until they could afford to finish fitting it out. I'm pleased to see yours put to such good purpose:)

  5. I especially liked the profile of your daughter,
    with the light and shadows playing on her face.

  6. "And that's my contribution for this week." you say - and what a contribution it is! What marvelous photographs and that you developed them yourself makes them just that much more special. Kudos on a job well done!

  7. Lovely kids and memorable shots.

  8. Ah, the lazy, crazy days of summer......

  9. What fun family photos. I can relate to spending time shuttling the kids to their games and such. I do believe most of the photos from our daughters' youth were shot at ball games and horse shows.