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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Something fishy

I was doubtful whether I had anything worthwhile to contribute this week, hence my lateness, but after reading a few other people's blogs I've decided to show you this photo from my mother Jean's album. It was taken in December/January 1946, while twenty year old Jean was on a working holiday at Te Mahia in the Marborough Sounds, which are located at the top end of the South Island of New Zealand. The photo appears on a page entitled 'Another Launch Trip' and is simply labelled 'Our Fish'. All the ladies look delighted with it, including Jean on the left holding part of the line, although I have no idea what kind of fish it might have been. It certainly doesn't look very big, but I guess it is the thrill of the catch rather than the size of the fish that is important. The deep waters of the Sounds are a very scenic area and from this and other photos it looks like Jean and the other staff members had fun participating in various outdoor activities during their time off. Jean was working as a housemaid, and recalled being quite shocked when one male guest appeared stark naked when he answered her room service knock on his door. He may have preferred a different kind of service, but she was not offering that kind of thing!

Speaking of delighted expressions related to catching fish, here are a couple of photos from my own collection, taken in 1990 when we visited a fish hatchery at Snobs Creek near Lake Eildon in Northern Victoria, and the children were able to try to fleetingly catch some very slippery fingerlings. I can assure you, no fish were hurt in the process, and they all got away! Salmon, brown and rainbow trout and other species are raised here to restock waterways for anglers.

If you want to see what the Te Mahia resort looks like these days, click here, where you can also see a photo of a couple of fellows who have scored much larger catches. I have a distant cousin in Auckland NZ who operates a fishing store and deep sea fishing charter business, called Just Another Fisherman, but must admit I'm not tempted to take a trip.

I just remembered this dear little clay box in the shape of a fish that my sister Louisa made and gave me many years ago. It's kept in the writing desk and used for keeping paper clips.  Not a fish sketch, or a print, but close!

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