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Thursday, 31 July 2014

A pair of Dutch postcards

I generally try to keep my posts to matters that relate to family or family history, and as a result I didn't feel I had anything to contribute this week, but then I remembered these two sweet little postcards that my mother sent me from the Netherlands in 1954, when she and my father had a week there and in Paris, having left yours truly aged 18 months in the care of kind family friends back in Cambridge. Mum then retrieved and saved these cards in a scrapbook documenting our year on England, so at least the the origin of the cards is family history related.

In the first card the children are clearly up to mischief, trying to feed their pet dog some motor oil. The Dutch caption reads
                                                                    "Ergen dan zijn eigen pijn 
                                                                     Vindt Fik deze medicijn"

  I think this translates roughly to something like 'Fik will find this drug worse than his own pain'. Any suggestions on a better translation are welcome! 

I've included the second card of this matching pair for its caption, which says:

 "Wassen, plassen, boenen maar,
 we zijn zo in een wipje klaar"

In English this seems to be 'Wash, splash, scrub, but we are so in a seesaw'.  Again, a better translation or explanation of this would be much appreciated. Does it mean they can't get off the 'seesaw' of washing, splashing and scrubbing , or would they rather be enjoying a real seesaw? I'm not sure, but no doubt my mother thought I would like the cute little characters, as I'm sure I did. Anyway, it looks like I was having fun with my little friend David Norman and his parents while Mum and Dad were away, and hopefully I didn't play any tricks on this little fellow. I seem to be holding a can of what used to be Bird's Custard Powder, presumably empty, and definitely not containing motor oil!  I wonder what became of David.

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