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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Daniel, Mary Bridget and little Eileen

I have to say that I find the photo prompt for Sepia Saturday truly horrific, and hard to believe that it is a genuine photograph, despite being assured that it is. To me it looks like Halloween come early!  The little girl looks as though she takes after her father or grandfather in appearance, but perhaps she is just pulling a face at being there. Unless of course she is dead, which would be even more horrific!

My photograph below of my great grandfather Daniel Morrison, his wife Mary Bridget (nee Macnamara) and their youngest daughter Eileen. Eileen was born in 1900 so this must have been taken in about 1902/3, when Daniel would have been 50 and his wife a couple of years younger.

Mary Bridget does look rather grim, but by this point she had given birth to fourteen children, so you could hardly blame her for being a bit careworn, and look at her tiny waist! She was just 17 and Daniel was 19 when they were married in 1873. They emigrated from Cork Ireland to the Marlborough region in the north of the South Island of NZ in 1875 with their first child Minnie, aged 6 months. I've blogged previously about their lives, including memories passed down by Eileen, her daughter Valerie and my mother Jean, which you can read here at 

To finish on a light note, the lady in her shawl with the 'Frankenstein' look-alike reminded me of this little Old Mother Hubbard doll I made for my granddaughter last year, and I also thought of this happy farm family that I made for a great nephew. The patterns used come from Knitted Nursery Rhymes by Sarah Keen. I always take photos before I send them away.

That's all from me this week, but to see other Sepians' responses to this week's image, click and go to 

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