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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Ohhh, Saturday night ...

No jukebox photos from me this week, only memories really, as I'm away from home and don't have access to my collections, but in any event I doubt I actually have any photos, although I clearly remember the teenage thrill of picking out a favourite tune on a jukeboxe in a cafe somewhere, while fervently hoping it might possibly attract the attention of someone I fancied at the time. More recently we enjoyed dinner at a little pub on our travels in the Lake District, and I recall that a few choice selections on the jukebox sparked a quite lively discussion of music genres and tastes amongst the patrons, along the lines of "Oh no, who picked THAT one?"

I also unfortunately can't search out any photos of young people from the 1950s in my mother's albums, although no doubt there would be a few possibilities there.

The jukebox we hired for our elder daughter's seventeenth birthday party in February 1997 was a great success, but somehow we don't seem to have taken any photos of it. We must have been too busy having a good time and watching the guests enjoying themselves.  Sadly when we tried to do the same for her sister a few years later, something went wrong very early in the evening and the computerised version that was delivered just would not play. We felt obliged to dutifully follow the instruction on the prominent sign on the equipment which spelt out that on no account should it be turned off or reset, and the guy whom we went meant to be able to call for help had his mobile conveniently switched off for the night, so the kids just had to entertain themselves with their own CDs. Of course when the jukebox mechanic came to collect it the next day he said we should have ignored the sign and just reset it, didn't he? It was very exasperating and annoying at the time!

Anyway, all I can offer this week is simply a musical contribution from that all time juke box king and crooner, Gene Pitney:

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