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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Sepia Saturday 197 - only a little late!

Delete, delete, but it could have been good ... or how not to take photos

I wasn't intending to contribute this week as I didn't think I had any suitable shots, but just this afternoon when wandering back from St Kilda beach I spotted this beautiful Abyssinian cat, nestled very comfortably in a child's Tickle Me Elmo chair, in the front window of an old house that was being used as an office as well as a home. How cute,  I thought, and quickly snapped off a pic on my phone - but the window was dirty, the sun was shining the wrong way, and I was worried that the owner might appear at any time, so this lamentable photo is the result, including my hand and leg in reflection!  You'll just have to believe that it could have been a very cute shot, but never mind - I'll share before I delete it, as it does strike me as rather appropriate for this week's theme of rather forgettable photographs!